About rich tourists.

Rich bastards bought for $250,000 a pop two bragging rights and the option to look at the remains of the Titanic from a few feet through a small window next to a toilette. One of the bragging right was the looksie under 13,000 feet of water. The other was the notion that shelling out $250K for them was less than buying a bucket of popcorn at the movies.

The first bragging right finished the gamble they took on the wrong side, albeit the possibility must have been keen when they opted for the adventure, instead of burning the greenbacks at a campfire.

The least we can do for their memory is charge the costs of the rescue efforts to their estates. It would be the just thing, too.

For history, another anecdote how we are obsessed with the adventures of the wealthy and famous on the account of the needy.

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comparing 500 refugees and a handful of "research tourists" does not make one of them "shameful." I realize you only said this in a prefatory section, okay. But what gets the headlines? Some things do, some don't. Our being picky about who we love is ordinary behavior. That is how the world works. Some things make headlines and some things don't. B.t.w. I have noticed you always say something really insightful when I read your pieces, Martin Edic. Noticing this I subscribed. Compassion is a funny thing. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn't!

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Couldn't agree more about the Putin-loving criminal of Mar-a-Lago.

And yet ... new NBC News poll today ...

"a majority of Republican voters would vote for Trump in the Republican primary, with 51% listing him as their top choice"

It makes me wonder if there is a stupid virus raging through rural America.

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I absolutely agree with your observations. Our country needs new blood, younger leaders in political office especially the Presidency!

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