Just wanted to say thanks for these writings. Simply paying attention to our lives puts them in high definition and seems to slow time. I wish you peace found through writing and walking as you offer support to your mother.

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Lost my 95 year old Mom a couple of months ago - also a lung issue. I wish your Mom all the best.

She may be stronger than you think. Just stay on top of things. Make sure the medical staff doesn't write her off because of her age.

Enjoy NYC; there's no place like it in the world. I'm a New Yorker in exile. After forty years away, I still miss it.

I took a Greyhound from NYC to Tupelo Mississippi (for a woman) in 1971. On the way back I was penniless and hungry. An older woman noticed my forlorn look and shared her friend chicken with me. It was an interesting trip, one that remains clear in my memory even after so many years and so many other trips by thumb and freight train.

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Jul 23, 2023·edited Jul 23, 2023

I love that obsrvation about train travel and the underbelly of civilization. So right. Every big city has that same railway entry and exit. Originally from London, UK and omg. just after the war it was the most depressing place and the backwaters had that sense of total hoplessness. I'll have to find Iggy's song, I worked with him many years ago when he performed a song for an animated film. Lovely man.

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